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Note from Hoss

In the last 10 years football has been loosing participation numbers by 7% year-over-year.  For me personally I love this sport because of what it provided for me and many others.

Football is a physical sport and demands a lot.   It also demands team work, work ethic, trust, loyalty, community spirit and competitive greatness.

When I played football there was not the kind of pressure and focus on safety.  Today because of technology we see safety being the primary concern for a lot of parents and players.

I love flex football for youth because it gives everyone an even playing field and lets the kid who could be smaller play or the kid who is a little bit larger to run the football and enjoy a few moments of glory.

My favorite coach is John Wooden.  He has a famous quote; "If we fail to adapt we fail to move forward."  Coach Wooden's quote applies so much to Flex Football.  We have to adapt to the changes and save the game we love.

Come see what flex is all about and watch you son or daughter enjoy a game so many of us love and appreciate.

Thank you,



Our Team


Tim Hoss O'Leary, President & Coach

Hoss has been coaching high school and youth football for more than 10 years.  His goal is to provide a safe and fun game for everyone.  The best thing is girls and boys can play this game..  Hoss has a 4yr old daughter and is married.


John Charles, General Manager/ Player Dev. & Coach of Coaches

John played in the NFL and Arena League.  In 2018 John was inducted into the PSU Hall of Fame.  John has managed a QB development clinic for more than 10 years.  John has a daughter and loves to cheer on his old NFL Team the Atlanta Falcons.

Jon Newman, Vice President & Coach

Jon has a huge heart for helping kids learn the sport of Football.  He played in college and brings a huge amount of energy to the field.  He has three children two boys and one girl.  His wife is a talented athlete and dedicated to success for her family.

Our Team


SAM, Mentor/Coach/Safety Coordinator

Sam has shown his leadership and mentor skills since he was in high school.  He has been involved with football for 5+ years.  Sam is married and has a great son.  He has a passion for helping the youth.


JENNIFER, League Administrator

Jennifer is married to Hoss and is deeply devoted to football.  Jennifer loves to watch the game and she is going to start her own all woman's flex football league in 2020.  Jennifer loves Cecilia and loves being a great mom.  She is a talented actress and performer.


MARK, Business Manager

Mark is deeply devoted to sports and his community.    He owns a successful business and has 10+ years of running leagues and non-profits.

Our Team


BRANDON, National Flex Football League Rep.

Brandon played 3+ years in the NFL.  Played for the Bears and Jets.  His love for the game is very deep.  He wants all kids to have a chance to play and have fun.  Brandon is one of the original founders of NFX.  He is the heart of our team and is our coach..


LARRY "CHUD" Logistics/Coach

Larry has been in football for 20+ years.  He played in college.  He played for Portland State Univ. "88-91."  He was John's left tackle.  Hoss and Chud played in high school together.  


PATRICIA "MOM.", Communication/Marketing Director

Patricia has spent a life time in marketing and communications for many organizations.  Recently retired she would like to help our club with her talent  and efforts.  She is Jennifer's mom.  She is a great performer also.  She loves to garden and spend time with her husband.