USA Football First Down Program


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  • Through First Down, kids will learn the basics of football such as running, jumping, passing and catching while being active. Through hundreds of events across the country, hosted by USA Football and community organizations, kids will experience football for the first time. This initiative brings football to everyone and serves as an athlete’s first step into the Football Development Model.


  • First Down Program: Free customizable curriculum to help organizations promote and run a successful program. The first 300 organizations* to enroll will receive free equipment, too!


  • First Down Tour: A series of events run by USA Football that bring the fun and excitement of football to youth in select markets.

  • Other First Down events: Hundreds of events across the country run by USA Football or partner organizations that make football accessible on a hyper local level 

  • Portland Metro Flex Football is now a Authorized Partner for the First Down Program.  We will host 3 camps a year.


More Information on First Down Camps

To Register for Camp

Click on the link below and it will take you to USA Football.  

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